In April 2015, and following many years of consultation with local residents, East Hampshire District Council approved plans to transform one of the largest towns in Hampshire, Whitehill & Bordon.

The area will be transformed over 15 years creating a new high-quality destination with lots to offer for everyone. The 200-hectare regeneration will create:

• 2,400 new sustainable homes for private sale, affordable housing, social rent and shared ownership
• A new town centre – new shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, a food store
• A new six lane swimming pool in a new leisure centre, a new school and sports pitches
• 3,000 new jobs
• A new secondary school and expanded primary school
• A new health centre and GP surgery
• Extensive areas of public open space and new play areas
• New allotment space
• The southern section of the new relief road, an alternative through route to the A325
• A new network of footpaths and cycleways
• An arts and cultural centre
• Conversion of the Hogmoor Inclosure, a 54-hectare area into a fantastic green space for the
community, with car parks, footpaths and cycle routes. Whitehill and Bordon will have the third largest SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) in the country
James Child, Project Lead at Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company, comments:

“This project is about more than the provision of new housing, it is about the complete regeneration of an area. As such, we are committed to providing benefits to the entire Whitehill & Bordon community, existing and new, through the regeneration of the Prince Philip Barracks.”

Whitehill & Bordon was selected as one of the Government’s ‘Healthy New Towns’, designed to shape the health of communities and to rethink how health and care services can be delivered. This element continually informs our plans as the development comes to life.

Planning permission was granted for the redevelopment, following completion of a Section 106 agreement. The Section 106 agreement is a legal planning obligation which focuses on mitigating the effect of a development. It outlines our financial and development obligations in delivering the scheme, to ensure that the proper social and physical infrastructure is provided in relation to the site.

Over the course of the development, the agreement will ensure that we invest a total of £54 million for the benefit of the existing town and its new residents.

The contribution will allow for the creation of various public amenities:

• £11m will go towards the development of a new primary school, with an additional £10m
• contribution going towards the proposed relocation of the town’s existing secondary school,
the Mill Chase Academy, to a new and improved facility
• £2.5m goes into the management of specially-designed green spaces across the new town
• £5.7m will be set aside for the creation of sports pitches and new sports facilities, including a
new swimming pool and indoor leisure centre
• £4.5m will be spent to enhance the existing bus service, as well as the creation of bus stops
and shelters to the new development and local area
• £2m will fund traffic management measures for surrounding villages
• £2.2m is being set aside for various improvements to the A325
• Over £1.5m will be set aside for upgrades to pedestrian and cycle routes, health facilities and
the local household waste recycling centre

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