If you have a Blue Badge, you can register it with us for free Disabled Car Parking within any of the Parade Square, Woodland and Leisure Car Parks in Whitehill and Bordon Town Centre.

If you do not wish to register, you can still obtain free parking when you visit by scanning your Blue Badge at the Payment Machine before departing the car park. Please see Parking Payment machines for instructions. 


Parking is free for up to 2 hours between 9am-6pm. 

Parking between 6pm-9pm is free. 

If you have other questions about parking you can call our parking phone line: 01420 554888


Parade Square and Woodland Car Parks

Please pay before you exit the car park at the parking meters in each of the car parks.

Leisure Car Park

The Leisure Centre free parking kiosks now only link to the Leisure centre car park. Parking in any other car park may result in your vehicle receiving a parking charge notice unless you have paid to park there.


The Leisure Centre car park is for Leisure Centre and EV Charger users only. Leisure Centre users must enter their vehicle registrations in the provided Kiosks within the Leisure Centre (just after the reception desk) to register for free parking each time. 


Leisure Centre users must use the Leisure Centre Car Park (LC CP) entrance on the road below the Leisure Centre.


Blue Badge holders can use any designated Accessible Parking space in the Leisure Centre Car Park, by entering through the Leisure Centre Car Park (LC CP) entrance. To receive free parking, Blue Badge holders must have pre-registered using the form below, or scan a Blue Badge at a payment terminal before departing the car park.


The Leisure Centre EV chargers are available to anyone, but parking in any of the EV charging bays are subject to the published / displayed ECP parking Terms and Conditions.


Should you have any questions please see the FAQs here or get in touch.


Call: 01420 489060



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Electric Car Charging

There are now six pairs of electric car charging points in the Leisure Centre car park for use by anyone visiting the town centre. These are the ‘Pod Point’ EV chargers which have the ‘Universal Type 2’ charging connections.

The chargers are available 24 hours.


Once parked, please visit the Leisure Centre and enter your VRN in one of the parking exemption machines.


The Pod Point app is available on Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.



Price – as advertised in the PodPoint App.