Creating Social Value

The Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company (WBRC) partners with various groups across Whitehill & Bordon to bring positive change to the town. This involves creating new infrastructure and improving existing facilities. To ensure these spaces remain vibrant long after development ends, thoughtful management is key. 


Two organisations WBRC is working with are the Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust (WBCT) and The Land Trust (LT) to help secure the long-term management of areas such as Hogmoor Inclosure and the Cafe. Both organisations are charities and independent of WBRC, but work closely with us and other organisations to deliver services for the local community.


Community Trust

The Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust (WBCT) focuses on engaging the town’s young population. 

They organise events and activities that not only encourage young people to be active members of the community but also gain new skills and experiences. This approach helps the Trust to connect with the wider community and understand its current and future needs.

Land Trust

The Land Trust is a national management charity which uses the greenspaces it manages to engage with communities to encourage greater connection between people and the surrounding environment. 


LT promotes physical and mental health wellbeing as well as a greater understanding of the natural environment and wildlife.


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As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to
the local community we have answered your
questions about what is happening in the Inclosure. Please download these here along with a plan Q&A document and map.