A great place to do business

Establishing Whitehill & Bordon as a thriving hub for businesses and innovation is crucial for the town’s future success for generations to come.

A carefully considered ‘business masterplan’ – This Is Your Town website – has been created to help attract market leading businesses, innovative start-ups and key creative industries. Through the creation of different creative ‘districts’, we are developing the environments for a range of skilled, semi-skilled, service related, technological and creative jobs, building on the town’s heritage of engineering, whilst embracing the high-tech connectivity infrastructure being delivered that will appeal to the growing digital and technology industries and promote social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Many business zones have already been established around the town and as the regeneration project moves forward, more new work spaces will be delivered alongside the new homes, town centre and leisure spaces. This will include new start-up hubs, film studios, business parks and creative spaces.

Already available to businesses and job seekers making their home in Whitehill & Bordon are:


The Whitehill & Bordon Future Skills Centre is open and working closely with Basingstoke College of Technology, that is managing the building to provide and support construction based training.

We are also be working directly with local employment/training agencies, including but not limited to: Jobcentre Plus and the Skills Funding Agency; Voluntary and private sector providers; and Sixth form colleges, colleges of further education, and universities. On top of this, we are constantly developing our own employment and skills plans for the regeneration project, based on National Guidelines and best practice for skills training and apprenticeships.


We are working with the Guildford and Farnham Business Hubs to provide space and business support to build a business community of new and small businesses. Our Bordon Business Club is growing and we have a number of small business hub spaces throughout the town.


Workspace, business services and business support for the self-employed and small business owners. SiGNAL helps local people build sustainable businesses and income in East Hampshire. We provide affordable workspaces, essential business services and award-winning business training. We do this in a supportive, collaborative and inspiring environment that promotes entrepreneurship, sustainability and is putting small businesses at the forefront of the regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon; making it a great place to live and work.

Come and see for yourself! Contact the SiGNAL team to arrange a tour – [email protected]


Digital and technology businesses are incentivised to invest in the town. Through the support of the Enterprise M3 LEP, businesses who invest in new space at Louisburg will receive rate liability holidays as well as affordable space.

For more details contact James Child on 01420 489 060


The Bordon Enterprise Park has a wide range of existing spaces being used by large businesses for studios and workshops, with units ranging in size from 25,000 to 50,000 sqft. By the end of 2019, we will also be delivering a selection of distribution and logistics centres that can range from 120,000 to 150,000 sqft and build to specific pre-let specifications.

If you are interested in new space contact Jemma Davies on 01420 489 060


As well as creating work spaces and bringing employment in to the town, the regeneration project is set to create 3,000 new jobs during its project lifespan, including:

Town centre 1,000 jobs - from summer 2021
Louisburg North Employment site750 jobs - from spring 2021
Interim jobs through the rental of buildings vacated by REME 750 jobs over a seven-year period - 400 jobs secured to date
Community uses300 jobs - including schools
Construction related300 jobs over a 15-year period

These figures ignore the impact of indirect and induced jobs which are likely to add a further 2,000 jobs including start-ups/home working and supply chain impact.

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