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The Parish of Whitehill covers Whitehill and Bordon and lies in the North east corner of East Hampshire

Whitehill Council attained Parish status in 1928 by Act of Parliament and prior to that came within the Parishes of Headley and Selborne.

In 1991 Whitehill Parish Council changed its name to Whitehill Town Council. The Town grew in a piecemeal fashion around the military facility of the Bordon Garrison which remained in the town for over 100 years.

The first REME soldiers arrived in 1945 and the School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (SEME) was created in 1961. In September 2015 the Bordon Garrison closed when SEME relocated to RAF Lyneham. The army’s departure then released the land and barracks for redevelopment.

Images courtesy of Woolmer Forest Heritage Society

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