Walking in Whitehill & Bordon this Autumn

Autumn in Whitehill & Bordon is a wonderful experience. Our town is surrounded by such gorgeous green space and nature that you needn’t travel far at all to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the countryside. 

The town has ample green space, totalling some 117 hectares which is the equivalent of 158 football pitches. Hogmoor Inclosure is the prominent countryside haven. It is the UK’s third-largest Sustainable Natural Greenspace (SANG) and contains a vast variety of habitats and wildlife. It is a great place to enjoy nature or, for kids, learn about the natural world and the plants and animals that live among us. 

Managed by The Land Trust, Hogmoor Inclosure is ideal for walking, running, birdwatching, exercising, playing, or simply relaxing. There is also a sculpture trail that leads you through the inclosure and helps you learn more about the habitats found within. 

There is also Bordon Inclosure, another SANG, this one managed by the Deadwater Valley Trust. It has numerous interlinked trails providing many different ways to explore the space, as well as a natural playground area for kids. 

Aside from our inclosures, Whitehill & Bordon’s award-winning Green Loop is an unbroken path around the town for walking or cycling, taking in all of our best green spaces and providing a convenient route to the town centre and BOSC. 

You can learn more about our wonderful green spaces and the wildlife within via The Land Trust and Deadwater Valley Trust.