New and existing amenities are planned to support the new community

Creating new neighbourhoods is as much about building community… constructing new homes and buildings. Our Community Trust will play a key part in developing the community, and existing and new spaces will host a wide range of activities to bring people together.


The Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company are committed to community engagement. Regular Question Time sessions are held, in between wider Community Consultations. The community are given the opportunity to hear from the Project and Development team at Prince Philip Park and ask questions relating to the topics.

Question Time Notes
This regeneration project has so much happening it is easy to confuse responsibilities within Prince Philip Park and beyond. Please click here for a list on who is responsible for what project.

Whitehill Town Council Question Time Q&A sheet and presentation from Thursday 8th November 2019
Question Time Q&A sheet from Tuesday 3rd April 2018
Question Time Q&A sheet from Tuesday 12th June 2018
Question Time Q&A sheet from Tuesday 26th September 2018
Question Time Q&A sheet from Monday 29th October 2018
Question Time Q&A sheet from Monday 12th November 2018

Monthly Newsletter

We are producing a series of regular newsletters to keep the community up-to-date with our exciting plans. Click below to receive your copy.

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